Office Office Holder Since
Seneschal Canon Lore link Lady Magdalena Voranova (she/her) September 2022
Arts and Sciences Lady Magdalena Voranova (she/her) March 2022
Reeve Mistress Sláine inghean Uí Ruadháin (she/her) October 2021
Chirurgeon Canon Lore link The Honourable Lady Sorcha inghean Ui Bhradagain (she/her) August 2021
Constable Canon Lore link Lord Robert Laffan of York (he/him) February 2020
Chatelaine Canon Lore link Lady Magdelena Voranova (she/her) July 2021
Captain of Archers Canon Lore link Lord Isaac Underwode (he/him) December 2021
Chronicler Canon Lore link Nobilis Gummi Vkoinen (they/them) December 2021
  Quartermaster Canon Lore link Lady Rosamond de Montfort (she/her) November 2021

Officers should use the Office Report Form to submit their quarterly reports.