Please contact the Chatelaine to organise borrowing from the library:

England: The Making of the Myth from Stonehenge to Albert Square by Maureen Duffy

The Medieval Centuries by Denys Hay

The Celts by John Davies

The Enchanted World: Legends of Valour by Brendan Lehane

The Kingdom of Lochac Fighter’s Handbook Version 2.4 (April 5th 2009)

The Known Words, Third Ethereal Edition A.S.L (Music Book)

Kingdom of Lochac Marshal’s Handbook

The Historical Atlas of Knights and Castles

Newcomer Packs

Catapulta: So You Want to Build an Onager

Exploring the World of Vikings

Siege Engines Handbook

The Life and Times of the Medieval Knight

Guide for Making Your Own Suit of Armour

The Art of Courtly Love (Vinyl Record)

The Complete Anachronist Tournaments Illuminated (Series)

Basil’s Big Book of Boom (Music Book)