Sláine inghean Ui Ruádhain:

Reeve – Warrant expires 21/7/2021
Lady Sarah of Dragons Bay:

Herald – Warrant expires 30/8/2022
Rondmær Rauda Vakrisdottir:

Knight Marshal – In commentary

Imar mac Mailcollum

Arts & Sciences – Warrant expires 29/2/2022
Little Spoon:

Acting Web Minister
Gummi Vkoinen:



Group Constable – Warrant expires 14/2/2022
Robert Leffan of Yorke:
Acting Chatelaine
Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenburg:
archery Captain of Archers – Warrant expires 1/7/2021
Andy of Dragons Bay:
Chirurgeon – Warrant does not expire
Sorcha inghean Ui Bhradagain:
list List Keeper

Youth Officer – Warrant expires 30/10/2021

Kat of Ulfahol:

  • Deputy: Wolfgang Germanicus
Kingdom-level information: Regnum and Officer Resources

All Officers must:

  • be a current, paid member
  • be aged 18+
  • report upline every 3 months (15 January, 15 April, 15 July, 15 October)
  • be a member of the relevant Officer mailing list

All above Officer roles also may be Deputised. Being a Deputy is a great way to learn the role of the Office without taking on all the responsibility.

Officers may appoint deputies as they see fit to assist them in their office. These deputies serve at the pleasure of the officer who appointed them and may be appointed or removed at that officer’s discretion. They may perform any duties assigned them by the officer who appointed them provided they are otherwise qualified to do so. Deputies report (or not) at the pleasure of the officer who appointed them (as per page 10 of the Procedures Manual).