I happened upon the SCA purely by accident, at a May Day Medieval Fayre at the Fremantle Arts Centre, back in 1990. For me, it was like coming home.

As a history buff I enjoy being able to delve into the past whether it has to do with people, heraldry, garb, (costumes) jewellery or feasting.

I have run the gamut of era’s (600 to 1600 AD) in regards to costuming, including Viking, Saracen, early European, through to Tudor and Renaissance, (both Italian and French). My current project is researching Rus Viking garb including the different types of head wear and jewellery worn at that time. I like to make most of my own garb, as well as jewellery.

When possible, I run a stall at events, whenever we set up a Merchants’ Row, where I get to sell my hand made snoods and other sundry items as may be of use.

Over the years I have held many Offices in three different groups here on the Western Shores of Lochac.

I joined the Canton of Dragons Bay as the Group’s Mentor approx. 2014, became Chronicler for the Dragons Bay newsletter, “Dragon Taeles – Drawn & Quarterly” for several years and was Group Constable.