Sorcha inghean Uí Bhradagáin

I started in the SCA sometime in 1997 when I attended the May Day Medieval Fayre at the Fremantle Arts Festival and saw a demo of the Barny of Aneala and Canton of Abertridwr.

I thoroughly enjoy history and the SCA was away I could delve into the past and have fun doing it.

I have no era that I stick to. My persona is of a traveller who has travelled through many countries from my native homeland. I’m from Celtic Ancestry but dress as Romany, Viking, Celtic, Prussian, Russian, Mongolian.

First learnt to sew with the household that adopted me – House Annwn. With their encouragement I competed in the IRCC (Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenges) twice and was awarded “Best Sewing Novice” both times and at the Shire of Abertidwr’s Pencampwr becoming the Arobryn for Arts and Sciences twice.

My favourite activities in the SCA are Archery, camping, feasts. That’s why I joined the Cooks and Brewers Guilds. I love a good feast and drink.

I’ve been fortunate to have attended Rowany Festival twice and travelled to other SCA groups while visiting Ireland.

I’ve only held 2 offices – Arts and Science Officer for Canton of Dragon’s Bay and Chirurgeon (First Aid Officer) for Barony of Aneala, Canton and Shire of Abertridwr, Canton of Dragon’s Bay. I have been very lucky and held the Chirurgeons office for over 10 years. A lot of children have difficulty saying “Chirurgeon” so I have been nicknamed the “Gherkin with the healing dust”. I thoroughly enjoy this office and hope others will consider assisting me in the future.