Cook’s Guild

Cooks Guild

Members of the Lochac Cooks’ Guild aim to practice cooking in the style of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, research and study period cooking and make available information on all aspects of period cooking as it pertains to the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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All Guild members may display or wear the Guild badge.

Recipe Categories

Breads, doughs- sweet, savoury or unleavened
Cakes, biscuits, sweetmeats or nibbles
Sweets, desserts (including custards, creams, curds and fruits)
Pies, pastries
Soups, stews, pottage
Veg, salads
Meat, fish, poultry and game
Sauces – thickened, viniaigrettes, vinegars and marinades
Un-brewed beverages – not brewed or fermented
Eggs, cheese
Preserves – jams, jellies, pickles, salted or dried items
Pasta, rice, starches

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Guild Ranks and Requirements

General Member: To be become a general member of the guild you must show an interest in cooking or researching medieval food, fill in an application form and dispatch it to the Guild Administrator. Acceptance of membership shall be verified by the administrator by return letter or electronic mail message.

Novice: To become a novice you must show an interest, cook one dish and serve it at a feast or an official SCA event.

Apprentice: To become an apprentice, the novice must master the cooking of 5 categories (5 separate dishes). These dishes must be presented at an official Feast or revel or official SCA event.

Journeyman: To become a journeyman, the apprentice must master the cooking of 6 of the remaining categories by submitting recipes for tasting and comment. These must be presented at a Feast or revel or Official SCA event.

To become a Master or Mistress Cook, a journeyman must be the Head Cook / Feast Steward for an official SCA event, organise a period menu for one feast, and personally cook at least two dishes thereof. The cook must also write one article for publication in a Kingdom newsletter or SCA magazine OR teach on the topic of period cooking at an official SCA event and send a report, including all notes, handouts & documentation to the Guild Administrator.

For each dish served at the event there must be complete documentation provided and the presentation and taste of the two personally cooked dishes are to be commented upon by three attendees at the event using guild recipe submission paperwork. All required documentation and commentary must then be sent to Guild Administrator .

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You can submit a recipe for tasting at an official SCA event and get at least three different sets of comments from tasters. Make sure you fully complete your submission form (including comments and recipe references), and send or email to the Administrator. Please ensure that you keep copies for your own records.

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